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About us.

We have invested heavily in the new store, warehouse facility, cold room, and office and computer system.

We have secured several major suppliers from right across Europe and are working closely with local producers as much as possible.

We have been in the business over 30 years and employ several highly competent staff and have all the necessary training and expertise in house to complete any contract.

Environmental Policy.

Doherty Roe seeks excellence in every aspect of our business and is committed to minimising our business operations impact on the environment. Therefore we will conduct each aspect of our Environmental Policy Statement (outlined below), whilst performing the contract.

In this respect it is our policy to:

Food Safety Policy.

Doherty Roe commits to taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of all food sold to our customers.

All aspects of our business including purchasing , goods inwards , storage, preparation, handling and delivery of our products are carried out to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

We are committed to full compliance with current national and EU food hygiene legislation, hygiene in food processing and wholesaling code of practice, IS341:1998, HACCP IS343:2000 and excellence Ireland hygiene mark guidelines.

To achieve this overall policy Doherty Roe commits to providing adequate resources, including finance, personnel, premises, staff facilities and equipment to assure food safety.

All employees will be adequately trained, are responsible for quality of their own work and are committed to providing a high quality service.

Procedures will be followed to ensure the food safety policy is effectively implemented and maintained.

The food safety management systems will be continuously monitored and updated as necessary.